Harland Bird

Harland Bird
An independent journalist from (so-called) Canada enjoys spelunking into rabbit-holes and dragging his readers down with him. Current events, history, and science - from a revolutionary perspective. Subscribe to support alternative media!
Created 31 Oct 2020
  • Julian Assange Is A Working Class Hero
    22 Jun 2022
    If anyone should know what human rights violations look like, its Nils Melzer: Melzer has been investigating them for 20 years, after all; and not only is he the Human Rights Chair at the Geneva Acade...
  • A Marxist Biology
    04 Jun 2022
    Several years ago, I found myself on a dinner date attempting to present as a normal human person while also being honest about the fact that I was, at the time, a graduate student who spent his days ...
  • The Terror Of May Day
    01 May 2022
    Despite the resurgence of the North American labor movement, evidenced by the recent unionization of Amazon and Starbucks workers, the high-water mark of working-class power still looms above our head...
  • World's Biggest Liars Wage War On "Russian Disinformation"
    21 Apr 2022
    In the late 1960’s, the US Army and the American people became increasingly oppositional. The peace movement opposed the Army’s efforts in Vietnam, and major race riots repeatedly culminated in the de...
  • American Disinformation
    31 Mar 2022 2 2
    With widespread calls for the US to proclaim a no-fly zone in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s recent “off-the-cuff” call for the overthrow of Russia’s popular, democratically-elected president, Vladimir Putin...
  • Youtube: Two Documentaries About Ukraine, One Double Standard
    18 Mar 2022 1 1
    The Secretary General of the United Nations recently declared that “Ukraine is on fire”, echoing the titles of two very different documentaries about the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution that set the stage ...
  • The International Women's Day Revolution
    07 Mar 2022 1 0
    According to the Government of Canada’s official website, International Women’s Day is an occasion that “ celebrates all women and girls”. To participate in this “celebration”, the government helpfull...
  • The Canadian Immigration Agenda
    07 Feb 2022
    On Thursday, December 23, 2021, a widely-published Canadian Press article reported that, despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic, the federal Liberals were “just” 39,629 new immigrants away ...
  • Dogs And Machines
    15 Jan 2022
    Dreamless oblivion leaves me like a fair-weather friend alone and yet not: I know by the sound of dogs and machines. They tell me that gravity is what keeps me in bed. They speak for their masters, up...
  • The Jury Is Out On "The Inventor", But Capitalism Remains At Large
    27 Dec 2021
    An American jury is currently deciding the fate of Elizabeth Holmes, who was once hailed as “the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire” but who is now facing up to 20 years in prison for fraud...
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