Hattie Jean Hayes
Hattie Jean Hayes
Created 02 Nov 2022
Weekly emails: lessons about poetry, writing about life, curiosities and ill-advised shopping recommendations

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Monday Poetry Post: Gesture Drawing
14 Nov 2022 4
Hi, and thanks for reading my Substack! Today is Monday, so we’re going to talk about poetry. If you want to go directly to the poetry exercise, and skip all this “recipe blog” backstory, scroll to th...
Prologue: welcome to my newsletter
08 Nov 2022 1
Hi! My name is Hattie Jean Hayes. If you’re subscribing to this Substack in its earliest iteration you already know that. If you want to know what you’ll get if you sign up, just scroll down to the ne...
Coming soon
02 Nov 2022
This is Hattie Jean Hayes, a newsletter about Weekly emails about writing poems, for beginners & pros, & various fascinations. Subscribe now

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