Health Data Science Newsletter
Andrea Hobby
Created 03 Aug 2021
A weekly brief that covers healthcare and health data science topics. Also, I provide career tips for healthcare professionals interested in getting into data science.

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Where do you work at?
25 Jan 2023 2 1
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Biostatistics vs. Health Data Science: What's the Difference?
20 Jan 2023 1
Health data science and biostatistics are related but distinct fields. Health data science is a broad field involving various methods and tools to extract insights and knowledge from large datasets. T...
5 Companies that are experiencing steady growth despite the current economy
12 Jan 2023
Despite a struggling economy, several companies in the healthcare industry have been growing at a steady rate. These companies have maintained strong financial performance, even during the most recent...
A Q&A With Actuary/Health Data Scientist Austin Barrington
04 Jan 2023 2
If you are Health Data Scientist Manager or Director, let me know if you are interested in sharing the story of your career journey. You can email me at Summary ...
Common Healthcare Data Analyst Interview Questions
28 Dec 2022
With the hiring picking up, I thought it would be great to review common interview questions for Healthcare Data Analysts. I will have a follow-up with common questions for Healthcare Data Scientists....

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