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Helen Lewis
I read the internet, so you don’t have to.
Created 14 May 2020
  • The Bluestocking, vol 231
    29 Apr 2022 19 6
    Happy Friday! I’m writing this from the beautiful, windswept Suffolk coast, where I’ve come to write for a bit. Because this is Britain, one of the main notable features along the seafront is this ine...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 230
    22 Apr 2022 20 6
    Happy Friday! This week I went to Hawksmoor and learned the calorie counts of my favourite sauces. It was a sad week. How do you even fit 570 calories into a small pot of hollandaise? These guys shoul...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 229
    15 Apr 2022 15 11
    Happy Friday! After the previous weekly email not sending at all, last week’s sent twice. No idea why, and it seems to have happened to a lot of Substacks. Nonetheless, my apologies. Helen Frans Hals,...
  • The Bluestocking: Habsburg Special
    12 Apr 2022 21 5
    Happy . . . non-Friday! I’m writing to let you know that my first reported feature for the Atlantic magazine has just gone live. The print headline was “The Shadow Royals” and it’s been more than six ...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 228
    08 Apr 2022 5 1
    Happy Friday! Substack has recently rolled out some new features, including its own stock image library, so from now on expect to see some excellent photographs of millennials in co-working spaces/lig...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 227a
    01 Apr 2022 14 3
    Happy Friday! Apologies: something went wrong earlier and no one seems to have received this week’s newsletter. If you receive a duplicate later, I’m sorry. Helen Angela Gallop. Credit: David Levene /...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 227
    01 Apr 2022
    Happy Friday! A note for new readers: unlike last week, most editions don’t have a long piece by me—subscribe to The Atlantic for that—but excerpts and discussion of two or three articles I’ve found i...
  • The Bluestocking: The Ant Mill
    25 Mar 2022 23 15
    Happy Friday! A special edition as I had a new theory to share / a rant to get off my chest. Helen The Ant Mill Theory of Social Media I’m having a wee break from Twitter—since I don’t need to be imme...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 225
    18 Mar 2022 5 2
    Happy Friday! This week I saw an artist having a Big Thought: Comment savoir si c’est de l’art ou pas? (How do we know if it’s art or not?) Make u think. Helen Volodymyr Zelenskyy A Russia Scholar on ...
  • The Bluestocking, vol 224
    11 Mar 2022 13 2
    Happy Friday! I’m about to take a couple of months of book leave, so apologies in advance if this makes your Bluestocking service more erratic for a while, as I will be trying to read less news and mo...
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