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Created 19 Mar 2020
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    27 Jun 2022
    On Friday after I heard the news, I rage-cried in a meeting. Our modern world afforded me this luxury: I turned off my camera and microphone and let it happen. I mourned the loss of my rights while th...
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    23 Jun 2022 1 0
    This week I went to an “offsite” meeting for work. Offsite is in scare quotes because while I had to travel to a hotel and sit around a conference table in a room that smelled like Legionnaire’s Disea...
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    15 Jun 2022
    SOME PERSONAL NEWS It is with some relief that I hit the GET ME OFF THIS THING button on my half-hearted job search, I am staying put for now. I’d like to thank: The company that interviewed me five t...
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    06 Jun 2022
    I am back on my bullshit w/r/t Call the Midwife which is proving to be WILD this season: In this particular edition of No-Context Call the Midwife, I expect you are grateful to not have the context. M...
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    27 May 2022 1 0
    CW: *gestures expansively* I turned off the New York Times news alerts on my phone a while ago. For one thing, I was never seeing the update I wanted (Trump impeached, Trump run out of town on rail, I...
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    20 May 2022
    Okay! The weather has warmed. Last week, we were in a sweet spot of 80-degree days and 60-degree nights. I took a walk one morning (for my stupid health) and it was just delightful. A couple of EXCITI...
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    05 May 2022
    I think the thing I’ve identified with the most since Monday night is Jessica Valenti’s newsletter, where she describes the imminent demise of legal abortion as “humiliating.” It’s humiliating for peo...
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    29 Apr 2022 1 0
    A SNACK FOOD Take a pretzel (any shape) Dip it in a small bit of cream cheese Dip it in a little pile of everything bagel seasoning Enjoy A BOOK REVIEW I recently read Verity, a “romantic” “thriller” ...
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    21 Apr 2022 1 0
    Yesterday, I took an extremely hot shower, the kind where you just continue to stand under the water for a long time after you are clean. I like a shower that is, in my husband’s parlance, “hot enough...
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    01 Apr 2022
    One of the foods I most closely associate with Early Pandemic is Nature Valley's sweet and salty peanut bars. This time two years ago I ordered them repeatedly from Target, along with cleaning supplie...
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