Into the Metaverse
Ricky Bacon
Created 24 Oct 2020
We're on the cusp of having a metaverse. This is a newsletter all about it.

Latest Posts

Into the Metaverse - The Metaverse is already here - it's just not evenly distributed
04 Jan 2022 1
When I started this newsletter over a year ago it was an outlet to get some thoughts out there and help me wrap my head around the nascent Metaverse. What is it? When is it coming? Is it a thing or ju...
Into the Metaverse - The Metaverse Is Open
21 Nov 2021
Now that the Metaverse is going mainstream, here’s a quick shout out to Time magazine, Facebook, Disney, Microsoft, and others. I can tell you what’s going to happen, I just can’t tell you when. Now l...
Into the Metaverse - A new future for entertainment
09 Aug 2021 2
Welcome to a gamer geek-out edition. I promise it will land squarely in pop culture and how the Metaverse is transforming entertainment thanks to platforms like Fortnite and artists like Ariana Grande...
Into the Metaverse - The Metaverse Is For Creators
26 Jul 2021
No technological revolution comes about with the introduction of one thing. The mobile web didn’t sweep in to consume our lives with the introduction of the cell phone. Arguably one watershed moment f...
Into the Metaverse - What do Apple, Facebook, and Google know about the Metaverse that we don't?
17 May 2021 1
You can hide your product launches, but not your hiring and patents. Trends will pop up across various channels and we’ll read the tea leaves. Let’s dive Into the Metaverse. I ran across an interestin...

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