Investing 101

Kyle Harrison
Learning in Public: Investing
Created 08 Jul 2020
  • Compensation Conversations
    30 Jun 2022 2 1
    In 2006 Facebook was two years old and had only just expanded beyond college students. Google was eight years old but had only barely crossed 200 billlion searches (vs 2 trillion today). That same yea...
  • The Natural Selection of Time
    23 Jun 2022 7 0
    I remember 2016 very clearly because it's the year I first became a Dad. My son was born in November 2016. Something else pretty big happened that month that made a lot of people very angry. Donald Tr...
  • Building a Product Engine
    16 Jun 2022 10 0
    The Audacity Picture this. A company pitches you on the idea of selling anime comic books online. They'll have the broadest collection of anime in the world because they'll let anyone selling anime se...
  • Renegade Spotlight: The General Partnership
    10 Jun 2022 4 0
    Renegade Spotlights The world of venture capital is changing dramatically. And it continues to change more and more quickly. We're on internet time now. Venture capital is an industry that has been fa...
  • Is Now a Bad Time To Be a VC?
    02 Jun 2022 5 0
    "We're Just People" For almost any job there is a pool of people interested in "picking your brain on the industry." Whether you work in software development, law, investing, or mushroom foraging (pro...
  • The Death of a Venture Fund
    27 May 2022 16 3
    Only The Paranoid Survive There are few movie tropes more common than the turnaround that can come from a near-death experience. Whether it’s A Christmas Carol or Coco, there is something compelling t...
  • All According To The [Terrible] Plan
    19 May 2022 6 0
    In 2008 one of the most important experiences in my life was making sure I argued with all of my friends about which movie was better; The Dark Knight? Or Iron Man. Meanwhile the world was experiencin...
  • Contrary: My Renegade of Choice
    13 May 2022 10 1
    I'm excited to announce that I’m joining Contrary as a General Partner to build out a later stage investing practice. The world of venture is changing and I’m excited to work with the team at Contrary...
  • Fantasy Capital
    07 May 2022 11 0
    The Stories We Tell I've never been a big sports fan. I played sports in high school but it was more of an angst-ridden sense of teenage responsibility born out of watching too many movies. I would te...
  • Cash—Kingmaker or Killer?
    28 Apr 2022 9 0
    Bonus second article this week. Originally published as a guest post on Napkin Math, I also wanted to share it with all my loyal subscribers 😉 What's In a Moat? For the last few years in startupland,...
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