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Created 05 Feb 2021

All Hail the King

30 Nov 2022 2 1
The King. Many are called. Few are deserving. But while some may not be worthy of the title at first glance, if you dig deeper, you may find that there’s a reason they’ve been crowned. For example, I ...

The Grayscale (GBTC) Effect

28 Nov 2022 24
Subscribe now We dusted off a two year old story. One from 2020 we call The Grayscale Effect. As we look back through the pages we find the beginnings of the 2020-2021 bull run. It was an account of a...

Complicit in Catastrophe

25 Nov 2022 9 2
Horror vacui. Or as my mentor, Mr. Ben Lilly, likes to say, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” The philosopher Aristotle stated this theory of physics in the 4th century BCE. It means that in nature, there can...

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