Abortion, Every Day by Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti
All things abortion. Feminist commentary & community.
Created 09 Jun 2019

Abortion, Every Day (11.29.22)

29 Nov 2022 22 5
In the states… This is wildly disgusting: A federal appeals court has just reinstated an Indiana law requiring abortion clinics to either bury or cremate the products of conception. (They say ‘fetal r...

Abortion, Every Day (11.28.22)

28 Nov 2022 23 1
In the states… Yet another woman in Texas has been denied vital and life-saving healthcare. VICE interviewed a woman who was pregnant with twins when she found out that a fetal abnormality would likel...

Media's Abortion Problem

28 Nov 2022 68 16
Mainstream media has an abortion problem. It’s not that journalists aren’t keeping track of the legal battles across the country, or not writing about the horror stories coming out of states with abor...

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