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Created 09 Jun 2019
  • Republicans Don't Know Shit About Abortion
    28 Jun 20221 day ago 119 11
    The people legislating women’s bodies have no fucking idea how they work On Monday, Yesli Vega—a Republican nominee for Congress in Virginia—suggested that pregnancy after rape is rare, and that a wom...
  • Feminist TikTok Roundup
    27 Jun 2022 23 10
    If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few days despairing and not sleeping. (Like, at all.) It can be hard to hold on to hope right now—so if you’re in need of cheering, here are some TikToks that ...
  • What To Tell Our Daughters
    25 Jun 2022 123 5
    My daughter knows that I’ve had two abortions. It’s not something I’ve ever hidden or shied away from, because abortion is nothing to be ashamed of. In the same way my husband and I told her about the...
  • It’s Worse Than You Think
    24 Jun 2022 115 8
    Last month I wrote that America post-Roe would not be as bad as we thought, but a thousand times worse. We already know this decision will quite literally kill people, just as we know the most vulnera...
  • Roe v Wade Open Thread
    24 Jun 2022 19 90
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  • Consequences are Good, Actually
    21 Jun 2022 312 48
    In general, I try not to write columns that are responses to specific articles—I prefer to do broader pieces. But every once in a while, a publication will run something so shockingly bad that I have ...
  • When Fox News Writes About You
    17 Jun 2022 137 16
    I had just hopped in the car this morning with my husband, daughter and dog for a weekend away when I decided to do a quick email check. I was surprised to see a lot more messages than usual, a few of...
  • One Good Thing
    16 Jun 2022 14 30
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  • Stay Furious
    09 Jun 2022 182 14
    I saw a video this week of a teacher who survived the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Arnulfo Reyes, shot two times, watched every single one of his fourth grade students be gunned down and killed. He...
  • Feminist TikTok Roundup
    07 Jun 2022 15 3
    In celebration of Substack making TikToks embeddable (on their app and in Chrome), thought I’d share a few of my recent favorites. Am I addicted? Definitely. Do I care? Not at the moment. I had to sta...
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