The Unpublishable

Jessica DeFino
What the beauty industry won't tell you, from a reporter on a mission to reform it.
Created 03 May 2020

Stress Sells

22 Nov 2022 174 10
When Hannah Turner’s hair started falling out due to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she bought shampoo. And bonding treatments. And claw clips. “Despite thinking I knew better than to fall for...

Makeup That Says 'I'm Cold' (+ A New Chat Feature!!)

19 Nov 2022 80 10
Hello, dewy dust bunnies, and welcome to another edition of the The Don’t Buy List! I got a haircut the other day and my appointment went the way it always goes: The stylist complimented the thickness...

1-Minute Musing: The Medical Gaze

15 Nov 2022 373 33
I saw an ad for Youthforia’s foundation primer the other day that featured a molecular graph of the structural formula for silicone. It was meant to highlight how the cosmetic chemical prevents founda...

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