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AUDIO NARRATION: When Time Stands Still
02 Nov 2022 1
This is the audio narration of “When Time Stands Still” by Jessica Latshaw. Read more
When Time Stands Still
02 Nov 2022 3 2
Welcome to November! If you enjoy reading this newsletter, consider upgrading to the $5/month (*or discounted yearly) paid subscription tier. You’ll receive an additional written essay from me every m...
AUDIO NARRATION: Last but Not Leader
21 Oct 2022 1 1
This is the audio narration of “Last but Not Leader” by Jessica Latshaw Read more
Last but Not Leader
21 Oct 2022
Let me tell you a story. I went to art school for college. I worked really hard. With what must be a similar indefatigable inward force that compels sea turtles to lay their eggs on the beach year af…...
AUDIO NARRATION: Don’t Worry About the Peeling Paint
01 Oct 2022 1 1
This is the audio narration of “Don’t Worry About the Peeling Paint” by Jessica Latshaw Read more

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