Bitcoin Tech Talk

Jimmy Song
Bitcoin weekly news from a technical perspective
Created 27 Jan 2020
  • Bitcoin Tech Talk #286
    04 Apr 2022 5 2
    Welcome to the new format for Bitcoin Tech Talk! This is a work in progress and I’m striving to inform you of all the interesting stuff that’s going on in the space. This week’s edition goes to everyo...
  • Going to Paid. Bitcoin Tech Talk #285
    28 Mar 2022 9 5
    I honestly can’t believe that this is issue #285. When I started this newsletter 5 years ago, I didn’t think that I would run it all that long. When I began, this newsletter was a bunch of links to in...
  • Fiat Money is Evil. Bitcoin Tech Talk #284
    21 Mar 2022 10 0
    (this article was originally posted on Fiat money is a cesspool of theft, cronyism and corruption. It’s the escalator of wars, the source of wealth inequality and the reason why see...
  • Killing DINOs. Bitcoin Tech Talk #283
    14 Mar 2022 13 1
    All things Russian are getting banned these days. Coinbase banned 25,000 Russian accounts. OpenSea and Metamask deleted the accounts of Russians. Investors of NFTs and Ethereum are wondering, wait, ho...
  • Why I'm Skeptical. Bitcoin Tech Talk #282
    07 Mar 2022 12 2
    It’s really odd when the news media says something is going to happen and then it does. I say odd because news broadcasters are famous for their hyperbole, like Manhattan being underwater by the year ...
  • Suckers of Information Asymmetry. Bitcoin Tech Talk #281
    28 Feb 2022 10 0
    Bitcoin is pretty mainstream these days. From Canadian truckers to corporations, the use cases of Bitcoin are being proven to the market in real-time. Many are finally seeing the unconfiscatability, t...
  • Bad Money Fragilizes. Bitcoin Tech Talk #280
    21 Feb 2022 9 0
    One of the main benefits of the current system is that so much is centralized. This is great for efficiency, resulting in cheaper prices. The impetus for this pressure towards efficiency is fiat money...
  • NFTs and DeFi on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Tech Talk #279
    14 Feb 2022 10 0
    NFTs and DeFi have had their hype during this cycle and of course, there’s always the question that people will ask. Can we get X on Bitcoin? It’s usually an argument from well-meaning Bitcoin enthusi...
  • Improving Lightning Point-of-Sale. Bitcoin Tech Talk #278
    07 Feb 2022 11 0
    During my trip to El Salvador, I was shopping for gifts for my family on the way back. I had expected to find some things to buy in El Zonte, but they mostly just had food and beach gear. As the local...
  • Everyone's a Bank Now. Bitcoin Tech Talk #277
    31 Jan 2022 7 0
    Airlines are a tough business. The customer base is culturally attuned to paying as little as possible for flights, there are all sorts of regulations, it’s taxed like crazy and the cap ex is incredib...
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