Message from the Underworld
Jim Ruland
Created 13 Nov 2019
Punk whisperer.

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Big Gumbo
25 Jan 2023 8 6
Greetings from San Diego! Well, my lingering COVID cough turned into a bronchial infection that no amount of ginger tea, lemon, and honey could squelch. My doctor ordered antibiotics, an inhaler, and ...
Big Dark Energy
21 Jan 2023 3
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Make It Stop
18 Jan 2023 10 6
Iā€™m very excited to announce my new novel, MAKE IT STOP, will be published on April 11, 2023, by Rare Bird Books. This has been in the works for a long time. How long? Well, more on that down the road...
Flying saucers over Barcelona
15 Jan 2023 2 1
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Big, loud, and nasty
11 Jan 2023 7 4
Steph Cha & Jordan Harper at Stories Books & Cafe Last September I went to Minneapolis to attend Bouchercon, the annual conference for crime and mystery writers. There was a lot of buzz about Jordan H...

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