Kitchen Table History

Jessica Marie Johnson
Because you are obsessed with kinship two (#sunbaby + #witchbaby) | History from the Kitchen Table
Created 03 Dec 2020
  • ghost memes #11
    14 Jun 2022
    The writing wouldn’t come so I spent the day trying to get my right brain to speak to my left. The return of the ghost memes. Easier seen on the web, Click Here women and girls, version 1.1 women and ...
  • #landofwomen no. 17.5: sweet
    07 Jun 2022 4 0
    Deep in the memory wave of past and present kinfolk and now I can’t sleep. Our family stories unfold in layers like a sweet onion. I really can’t get enough. I made chicken with leftover sofrito today...
  • research haul: remembering and memory, cause and effect
    31 May 2022
    “Abache and Kazoola,” from the Clotilde Collection, Mobile Public Library Digital Collections, accessed May 30, 2022, Asking hard questions abou...
  • Black Data Moodboard V
    31 May 2022
    2020 Census Results for Puerto Rico are Live: And so are some Afro-Latinx returns from PEW: These two are the juiciest ones: from Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, “About 6 Million U.S. Adults Identify as Afro-La...
  • scrapbook post: week ending 2022 April 22
    27 Apr 2022
    Have you registered for the New Generation Scholars Intergenerational Institute courses yet? My course, Revolutions in the Diaspora, ends tomorrow, but some beautiful classes are coming up through May...
  • Black Data Moodboard IV
    25 Apr 2022 1 0
    Recently asked about algorithms and AI and new perspectives on both. Some of what I shared: and Timnit Gebru’s interview on the Institute for Black Imagination Podcast: and Desmond Patton’s interview ...
  • Evolve
    18 Apr 2022 2 0
    “The entire political structure was inadequate to mobilize resistance to the constant marauding pressure of the Carib invasions originating from the eastern chain of islands.” Franklin Knight, The Car...
  • a shorty. on deliverance.
    11 Apr 2022 2 0
    In an effort to watch something slightly less chaotic than The Ultimatum, I’ve been watching The Walking Dead. I don’t watch while I eat. I skim the blurbs for the season ahead of time so I can be pre...
  • scrapbook post: week ending 2022-03-25
    26 Mar 2022 1 0
    Down the Alice Rabbit Hole "If the race was to advance, it was up to the women to be at the center of the advancement by helping one another. Alice was cognizant that class distinctions meant the diff...
  • From the Archives: Context, Black History, and Asking the Right Questions (#Twittergate, #ASALH, #TransformDH) (2012)
    04 Mar 2022
    Since the sundown of Diaspora Hypertext the Blog ( due to malware attacks, I’ve been pulling posts down to find a way to archive them in a meaningful way. Eventually, the entire blog’s ...
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