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Created 10 Dec 2020
Covering ethnic identity, transhuman hubris, and the eternal spiritual quest. The Future™ will only get weirder | All articles are FREE for unpaid subscribers | Paid sub = Donation

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Vaxxbots Are a Mind Virus
24 Jan 2023 108 71
markoaliaksandr © In 1986, the molecular engineer Eric Drexler released a mind virus with his book Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. He described armies of microscopic r...
An Unholy Invasion – Chatbots Are Colonizing Our Minds
03 Jan 2023 145 39
z1b © | (neural network generated art) Chatbots are at the front lines of an unrelenting AI invasion. The steady increase of artificial minds in our collective psyche is akin to mass immigra...
Merry Christmas, Legacy Humans
24 Dec 2022 131 51
The birth story of Jesus Christ is a sacred narrative, woven together from the divergent accounts of Matthew and Luke. As such, Christmas is a rite of reenactment, bringing the ancient Nativity scene ...
Hardwired for Control – The Brain-Computer Interface Is Already Here
21 Dec 2022 109 29
z1b © | (neural net generated artwork) People talk about brain implants as if they’re an imagined biohorror in the distant future. This is a misconception. Hardwired trodes already exist, th...
Demon Spawn – Artificial Wombs in Ancient India
15 Dec 2022 117 33
EctoLife in the Kali Yuga Last week, the German bio-propagandist Hashem Al-Ghaili shocked the world with his concept video EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility. The shot opens on a des...

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