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Created 14 Oct 2020
  • The Slow and Sudden Death of Majority Rule
    03 May 2022 43 3
    Polls consistently show a majority of the American public in support of abortion rights and against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, yet, with the astonishing news last night, we appear to be on the pr...
  • Remembering Gramsci
    29 Apr 2022 22 12
    This past week saw the anniversary of the death of the Italian Communist theorist Antonio Gramsci, who perished in fascist custody on April 27, 1936. He was 46 years old. While in prison, he penned hi...
  • The Emerging Tech-Lash
    26 Apr 2022 50 4
    Yesterday, it was announced that Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover offer. A week ago Vanity Fair published a long piece on Peter Thiel’s new pet projects and efforts to cultivate a “ne...
  • Gottfried's Letters — 18.10.34
    22 Apr 2022 16 0
    In 1934, my cousin Gottfried Ballin was arrested for involvement in an anti-Nazi resistance cell in Cologne. He was convicted for conspiracy to commit high treason, imprisoned, and eventually deported...
  • Reading, Watching 4.19
    19 Apr 2022 16 8
    Welcome new subscribers! Every week or so I send paid subscribers a little digest of what I’ve been reading and watching. If you’re a free subscriber and think you’d like to receive this regularly, pl...
  • Ben Burgis's Bad History
    15 Apr 2022 65 9
    In Jacobin, Ben Burgis has a piece arguing “opposing war has always been at the heart of socialist internationalism.” It begins with a total howler: The International Workingmen’s Association, later k...
  • Cold War Redux?
    13 Apr 2022 42 8
    Writing in the May issue of Prospect, Yale professor Samuel Moyn issues a series of stern warnings about a possible return of the West to the Cold War consensus in the wake of Putin’s invasion of Ukra...
  • Farewell to a Perfect Bar
    11 Apr 2022 26 3
    Photo: Scott Heins Without its bars and restaurants, New York City is just a vast storage system for people. The pandemic made this clear. Bars and restaurants, the real ones, give the city its charac...
  • Back from the Finland Station
    07 Apr 2022 26 2
    Source: Wikimedia There’s been a lot of puzzlement and dispute in the Western public over the “sources of Russian conduct,” to paraphrase George Kennan’s famous 1947 “X article.” Why would Putin, so l...
  • Compact Magazine's Unholy Alliance
    03 Apr 2022 49 13
    Readers of the March 22nd New York Times, might have noticed the article “Two Religious Conservatives and a Marxist Walk Into a Journal,” announcing the new magazine Compact, a joint project of righti...
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