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A weekly newsletter to keep up with tech news across Asia.

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Hong Kong embraces crypto trading as Singapore tightens regulations
07 Nov 2022 5
Welcome back, This week I’m writing from San Francisco in what is my first trip back for four years. This time it feels a little different, dare I say lower energy. That seems to be because many peopl...
Crypto firm Huobi acquired, Billdesk's $4.7B deal collapses and more
11 Oct 2022 3
Hi folks, We’re belatedly back this week from Singapore, where I am trying to avoid post-Token 2049 flu/Covid after attending the popular crypto event. The show itself was huge, organisers estimated 7...
Do Kwon on the run, Huawei going US-free, HappyFresh saved and more
26 Sep 2022 6
Welcome back, It has been a long while. The newsletter has been on hold since July while I was consumed with work and more, but I’m hopeful that I can now find the time for it to resume on a weekly ba...
India arrests journalist and TikTok's US user data still isn't secure
05 Jul 2022 3
Welcome back, I spent much of last month in the US, giving the newsletter an extended sojourn as public markets, private markets and the world of crypto melt in the downturn. But we are back this week...
The market slowdown begins to pinch across Asia
07 Jun 2022 2 1
Welcome back, It’s been a busy few weeks at ATR HQ which is why the newsletter hasn’t been arriving every week. Never fear, this issue we’re back with a host of stories for your catch-up pleasure, mos...

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