Letters from Tuscany
Giulia Scarpaleggia
Created 24 Dec 2020
Stories from Tuscany, ideas for family meals with an Italian flair and reliable recipes to add to your cooking repertoire.

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Every Day is Pasta Day?
16 Nov 2022 40 3
The rumbling in my stomach is telling me is lunch time, I don’t need to check the clock hanging on my kitchen wall. A quick look in my pantry and I can see my meal coming together as the pieces of a p...
Not the usual Sunday postcard
13 Nov 2022 17 4
If I could send you a postcard now, it would be that of a woman curled up on a yellow armchair, wrapped in a hand-knitted wool blanket with a pile of books next to her. I am that woman, and it’s not a...
Fettunta, the Tuscan bruschetta with olive oil
11 Nov 2022 8 1
This is an exclusive recipe for the subscribers. It is part of a serialized Tuscan cookbook that you will receive over the course of one year, a collection of tested classic Tuscan recipes to add to y...
Gabriella’s Ricotta Ravioli
09 Nov 2022 22 9
Today I’m very happy to share this space with Domenica Marchetti, a food writer, author of many cookbooks, including Preserving Italy1 (one of my favourite and most used preserving books), and now als...
A Postcard from salt mines in Volterra
06 Nov 2022 18 3
Ciao, this is Postcards from Tuscany, a section of the main newsletter Letters from Tuscany. Postcards is weekly, free and everyone can leave a comment. If you want to catch up on previous ones, you c...

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