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John Wesley Stammers
A newsletter where I share the stuff that interests me, often focusing on reading recommendations, politics, mental health and the writer's life.
Created 03 Aug 2021
  • Embracing obscurity
    26 Jun 2022
    Hey folks! Welcome to issue 16 of my newsletter. The first draft of this issue was written in the middle of the week. A lot of editing has since gone into this one as so much has changed in such a sho...
  • Rebuild Your Life Month
    12 Jun 2022
    “Teddy bears working on new AI research underwater with 1990s technology” by AI art generator DALL•E 2 Hey folks, June in the U.S. is Rebuild Your Life Month. Started by Dr. Donald Etkes, it was creat...
  • 10 newsletters I recommend
    31 May 2022
    Hey everyone, Today is the last day of May, aka Mental Health Month. With my well-being in mind, I decided to take a mental health day and spend Sunday with a friend rather than writing my fortnightly...
  • To make good stuff, you need to make bad stuff
    15 May 2022
    📚 Books I’ve read (so far) in 2022 📚 Hey folks, During the week, I stumbled across a video essay on the dialectics of Rick and Morty by CJ The X. I haven’t finished the video, so I don’t know if I’d...
  • Check out my new look
    01 May 2022
    Hey! Unless this is the first time you’re reading my newsletter (if so, nice to meet you!), then you’ll notice this issue looks quite a bit different. It was no secret that the “10 things I wanted to ...
  • How Jenny Tinghui Zhang fell back in love with writing
    17 Apr 2022 1 0
    Some very relatable excerpts from Kafka’s diaries (via @letsescapril on Instagram) Hey everyone, I expected to have more to report about the upcoming newsletter and blog changes today. However, I’ve b...
  • Maybe social media isn't for me
    02 Apr 2022 1 0
    Handwritten poem for the day 1 prompt of the Escapril 2022 challenge: “When I opened my eyes” Hey everyone, It’s the second late newsletter in a row! What have I learnt? Midweek newsletters are a lot ...
  • Beautiful World, Where Are You?
    16 Mar 2022
    Hey everyone, Let’s overlook that this newsletter is a day late and move straight into the 10 things I felt were worth sharing from the past two weeks: Last week, I finished Sally Rooney’s Beautiful W...
  • Drawing badly and loving it
    28 Feb 2022
    A page from Lynda Barry’s Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor asking: “What is a bad drawing?” Hey everyone, Apologies, but I cannot think of anything worth saying to introduce this issue. So...
  • Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory
    14 Feb 2022
    My view of Laugharne from the balcony of the lodge the family and I stayed in last week Hey everyone, February has been a mixed bag for me so far. I’ve got several things personally, professionally an...
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