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Kate Brenton
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Created 17 Jul 2021
  • What about energetic boundaries?
    28 Mar 2022 1 0
    I think the current conversation about boundaries focuses heavily on keeping people out, meaning they did something and a wall is built, a text conversation ensues, a rogue social media tirade, and it...
  • Phone Cords & Boundaries
    21 Mar 2022 1 0
    If you are reading this, likely you remember the long phone cord. I spent half of my adolescence on a long phone cord, in the laundry room where I had a desk and a closet where I would often sit and t...
  • Love & Boundaries
    14 Mar 2022
    Hello, Hello — How have you been? I took a deep exhale. I think this is the third time this has happened and we are barely into the third month of the year. But you know what, every time I put somethi...
  • Regulated and Dysregulated
    28 Feb 2022
    Hi Golden One— Let’s talk about regulated and dysregulated. Are you already caught up on the simplicity of this evaluation and the absolute lack to judge or blame yourself if you have the space to ass...
  • What does not want to be whole
    21 Feb 2022
    Hello Golden Ones — This piece originally appeared on my first blog years ago, yet the energies are ripe for these contemplations. I don’t know about your but I am looking at tomorrow: 2/22/22 on a Tu...
  • Hacks to slim down your to-do list
    14 Feb 2022
    First, if you are wondering: Is this your first blog? Nope. My first blog was and still is here. And then I had been writing here. Then I started writing here . It would be peculiar at this point for ...
  • For Calling The Spirit Back From Wandering The Earth In Its Human Feet
    07 Feb 2022
    Hey you! I am working on a longer reflective piece and this poem is the preciousness needed for Monday and I’ll have my commentary on breakfast pancakes during the apocalypse and how the human spirit ...
  • The Water Tiger
    02 Feb 2022
    Did you look up the characteristics of the Water Tiger? A year of boldness and brave steps. A year of transformation. A year of financial and business opportunities. What an elegantly strong animal to...
  • What if it's not about getting it right?
    31 Jan 2022
    As many of you know I am leading an online class/journey starting this Saturday (Join us!) that I named Step into the Spiral. In nature, everything moves in cycles and spirals. We birth in a spiral mo...
  • Blues Jays, Transcendalists + You
    26 Jan 2022
    When we talk about being in connection with Nature I think that we have forgotten that we too are a part of Nature. Or maybe, more than that we have forgotten how to connect with ourselves, talk to ou...
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