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Kate McKean
The FAQ on how to find an agent and how to write books, all in one place.
Created 09 Jul 2018

On Avoidance

22 Nov 2022 32 15
Hello friends, I wrote a little Thursday about that I think will happen to Twitter and what that means for writers, and K wrote in to request I expand on that, asking: What has Twitter done/meant and ...

Q&A Thursday

17 Nov 2022 15 1
Hey friends, As opinionated, know-it-all, and attention-seeking as I am, I have kinda been avoiding talking about two things on this newsletter: Twitter and publishing certificate programs. So let’s p...


15 Nov 2022 30 8
Hi friends, I was in B&N the other day, and I saw a picture book on the shelf that I tried to write. You might remember, this time last year, a cute little Northern Saw-whet Owl1 (one of the BEST owls...

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