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Created 29 Jan 2021
  • A Tsunami Isn't "Coming." It's Here.
    08 Apr 2022
    It’s probably unfair, even inaccurate, to describe current political trends in the US as a “tsunami” unless, of course, you're a self-proclaimed "progressive" Democrat. Tsunamis are large and highly d...
  • Vice President Barack Obama?
    07 Apr 2022
    The question was first raised in 2015, if not before. Could then-President Barack Obama, having been elected twice, run as then-Vice President and putative Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate?...
  • The Real "Anti-Racists" Stand Up
    06 Apr 2022 4 0
    Amidst hard-fought political and cultural battles waging across the US today, it is increasingly evident that solutions and victories won’t, and don’t, come from Washington. Or almost any elected offi...
  • Manage Your Expectations, GOP Voters
    05 Apr 2022 1 0
    I am resending this post, which Substack failed to launch earlier this morning. Apologies if this is a duplicate. The cake is in the oven and is baking nicely. The cake will serve up a hearty GOP majo...
  • Lower Your Expectations, GOP Voters
    05 Apr 2022
    The cake is in the oven and is baking nicely. The cake will serve up a hearty GOP majority in the US House and possibly the US Senate when the election rolls around in almost seven months. Lots can ha...
  • New Mexico: Latest Land of Enchanting Pot
    04 Apr 2022 2 0
    While war rages abroad and inflation ravages pocketbooks at home, the US House of Representatives found time to pass the MORE Act - the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act last week...
  • The New Authoritarians
    03 Apr 2022 1 0
    Every so often, I encounter a post to which I respond, “I wish I’d written that.” This is one, by Alex Gutentag (probably not his real name) for Tablet Magazine, which focuses on “Jewish life,” is spo...
  • From Soros Prosecutors to a Soros Justice
    03 Apr 2022 3 0
    When 83-year old Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer announced his retirement in February, it neither surprised nor initially concerned me. Hard-charging leftists demanded Breyer’s resignation ever si...
  • Truth Finally Gets Its Boots On
    01 Apr 2022 3 0
    Conservative fixation - and frustration - with Special Counsel and former US Attorney John Durham may be well placed, but a poorly-reported event this week deserves attention. As reported by the Washi...
  • Guest Post: Who Would Name a Baby Vladimir?
    12 Mar 2022 1 0
    Dr. William Hamilton’s biography is too long to publish here. Suffice to say it is distinguished, accomplished, and meaningful. The native Oklahoman and Nebraska political veteran is a highly decorate...
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