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Laura Thayer
Created 29 May 2022
Love the Amalfi Coast? I do too! It has been my home in Italy for 15 years. Subscribe for my travel tips, stories & inspiration direct from the Amalfi Coast.

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21 Jan 2023 8
It’s a wintry weekend on the Amalfi Coast with snow dusting the tops of the Lattari Mountains. After an early morning walk to spot what snow I could see from Amalfi, I’m currently wrapped up in a cozy...
Ciao Amalfi Newsletter - January 2023
15 Jan 2023 20 18
Since the start of this year—and after a rambunctious New Year’s Eve in Amalfi that hearkened back to pre-pandemic festivities—I’ve been crawling out of bed early, lacing up my shoes, and heading out ...
On the Road ... Luci d'Artista in Salerno
31 Dec 2022 32 6
It’s the last day of the year. Whether it’s been the best of years or the worst of years, it’s time to close out 2022. Over the last year I’ve spent more time on the road to Salerno than anywhere else...
Ciao Amalfi Newsletter - December 2022
23 Dec 2022 15 3
When I sent my first newsletter from Substack back in July, I started with a hearty “Ciao from an unseasonably hot Amalfi!” It’s now December, but I could start this month’s newsletter in exactly the ...
On the Road ... to St. Andrews
30 Nov 2022 20 3
This summer while planning my trip to Scotland with my mom, at the very top of my must see list was St. Andrews. While I’m sure I’d fall for any college city by the sea and I’ve always been intrigued ...

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