digital dispatches from leah williams
Leah Williams
Created 15 Jul 2021
earnest ramblings about comic books and whatever's on my mind.

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digital dispatches 004
13 Jun 2022 26 1
First and foremost, in case you weren’t already aware—my next book with Marvel is going to be a grindhouse-style X-book titled X-Terminators! That article is a bit dated i terms of release date as it’...
digital dispatches 003
17 Sep 2021 11 5
Trial of Magneto #2 just came out this past Wednesday! Here’s a link to the issue preview on Marvel’s website. Here’s my favorite non-spoilery moment from the issue: Sidenote: I love Lukas Werneck’s P...
digital dispatches 002
28 Aug 2021 20 2
I’ve been exploring Substack and reading lots of new periodicals on here. These are some of my favorites so far: Sophie Campbell’s here!!! Tini Howard and Vita Ayala are prerequisites, obvi Zac Thomps...
digital dispatches 001
20 Aug 2021 19 13
Well, the first issue of TRIAL OF MAGNETO just came out so that’s pretty cool! Here’s a preview for the second issue. I’m excited about this story and I can’t wait to show you guys more and go in-dept...
comic books and earnestness
15 Jul 2021 14
I’m a comics writer named Leah Williams, and these are some digital dispatches. For Marvel Comics I’m writing TRIAL OF MAGNETO and in the past have written X-FACTOR, AMAZING MARY JANE, X-MEN BLACK: EM...

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