Social Studies

Leighton Akira Woodhouse
Politics, media and social theory
Created 18 May 2021
  • The End of Ideology
    06 Apr 2022 10 5
    In the early 1990s, as the world marched out of the Cold War with Capitalism triumphant, a quasi-religious faith took hold of a certain corner of academia. Economists declared “the end of history,” an...
  • Emmet Penney on the Energy Crisis and the Coming Global Famine
    30 Mar 2022 10 0
    We’re currently teetering on the edge of a world historical mass global famine. The United Nations Security Council has acknowledged as much, as have political leaders in France and the US. Russia’s i...
  • Michael Shellenberger for Governor
    29 Mar 2022 36 27
    A few days ago, I talked to a guy named Tyler who once worked for the San Diego branch of a statewide homeless services provider called PATH. The mission of the organization was to put homeless people...
  • Who Are the Russians? Razib Khan on the Ancient Origins of the Rus
    15 Mar 2022 12 2
    Rurik: Dawn of Kiev The Russian invasion of Ukraine feels a bit like something out of another century. It’s not just that it’s a land war in Europe, reminiscent of the mechanized industrial era. It’s ...
  • The Democrats Have a Self-Delusion Problem
    10 Mar 2022 22 11
    John Edwards, platonic ideal of the post-industrial Democrat Yesterday, I was walking around downtown Oakland talking to voters, for reasons I’ll explain next week. (No, I’m not running for office.) A...
  • Recommended Reading
    05 Mar 2022 8 1
    I have a few pieces published this week that I want to share: For Tablet Magazine, I reported on the American version of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, and how it’s a working class movement, even if the med...
  • The People's Convoy (Video)
    01 Mar 2022 27 6
    Last week, Tablet Magazine sent me down to the high Mojave Desert to cover the launch of “The People’s Convoy,” which is the American version of the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” against vaccine mandates....
  • The Motte and the Bailey
    27 Feb 2022 41 40
    Until last year, I wasn’t familiar with the argumentative sleight-of-hand called the “motte-and-bailey.” You might be familiar with it already (it’s well-known), but if you’re not, it’s a metaphor bas...
  • God Mode
    20 Feb 2022 71 21
    When Edward Snowden warned that the digital mass surveillance state built by tech corporations and government intelligence agencies amounted to a “turnkey tyranny,” what’s happening right now in Canad...
  • The Shame We Bury
    19 Feb 2022 25 14
    Credit: @swaylove I came across this post on NextDoor. I don’t know the author, but it moved me and I felt it was important to share. As people who have read my writing for a little while know, animal...
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