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Created 25 Jul 2021
  • The Fish That Ate The Whale By Rich Cohen
    02 Apr 2022
    The Fish That Ate The Banana by Rich Cohen What a thrilling read! It read like a movie that was moving faster than trains. Rich Cohen is an absorbing writer. This is the story of The Banana Man, Samue...
  • Cry The Beloved Country By Alan Paton
    20 Mar 2022 4 0
    Cry The Beloved Country is a book by Alan Paton. It is an old bestseller. Written in 1948, it is based on the situation in South Africa under apartheid. The book sold so well that the author said he h...
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
    20 Mar 2022 4 1
    Wazih likes saying that the dictatorship you like will always usher in the dictatorship you don't like. That's the story of Animal Farm. The moment Snowball was chased out and no support for him was u...
  • How Do You Kill 11 Million People?
    07 Mar 2022 4 0
    I was at Oasis Bookshop at Abbatoir, Plateau State on World Book Day when I saw this book. The title hooked me, and the page length encouraged me to read it. It is 60 pages. Yet, it expresses a powerf...
  • Happy World Book Day
    04 Mar 2022 2 1
    Happy World Book Day! Christianity has a rich history of using books. In several places in the Old Testament, God reminds the Israelites to write the records down so they can pass the testimony and ru...
  • My 4 Apps For Reading
    21 Feb 2022 3 0
    Aldiko Reader Aldiko Reader is a cool phone app that you can use for reading books. It opens .epub, .pdf and .txt files. I used this for several years and found it to be quite good. It was my favorite...
  • 7 Book Clubs You Can Join For Free
    21 Feb 2022 8 0
    1. Book-Troverts: Book-Troverts is a book club based in Jos, it organizes periodic book meetings and regular Whatsapp Sessions. You can join by sending a message to It also has a Facebook Group, which...
  • 5 Books You Should Buy For Your Partner
    14 Feb 2022 4 0
    Apart from the fact that books are a love language, book sharing is an important way to help others. People are highly likely to read books they’ve been given as gifts. As for you and your partner, yo...
  • I Will Be Teaching "How To Read" On Whatsapp!
    11 Feb 2022 2 0
    Dear Friend, I hope this meets you well? Ever since I learned to read, reading became a major part of my life. I read nearly always. Over the years I have come to a conclusion that reading is a skill,...
  • 10 Lessons From The Psychology Of Money
    09 Feb 2022 7 0
    1. Building wealth takes time. More time than we may be willing to acknowledge. Think about Warren Buffet, who only became incredibly rich in his later years. 2. Sometimes it’s not your talent, your s...
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