Quick Brown Fox
Salman Ansari
Created 30 Oct 2019
Essays, comics and fables on creativity, self-awareness, and playful productivity.

Latest Posts

🦊 The Printing Puzzle
24 Jan 2023 8 2
Hey friends, I’m in the final stages of completing my book of fables,Wandering Spirits, and have begun the work of preparing it for publishing. I’ve still got a bunch of illustrations to finish, but I...
🦊 The Rains Have Ceased
17 Jan 2023 12 3
Hey friends, It feels good to write to you again after a much needed break. Every now and then, it’s good to stop doing a thing for a while so you can see whether you still want to do it. I’ve missed ...
🦊 Greatest Hits
20 Dec 2022 7 2
Hey friends, Welcome to the 99th edition of Quick Brown Fox! It’s been an exhilarating year for this newsletter, especially as I juggled it alongside editing my book of fables and building a course on...
🦊 Bumps Are the Road
13 Dec 2022 12 16
I’ve had a pit in my stomach since winter began. It’s been an intense sprint to finish a bunch of projects I’m juggling at once. Since my bout with burnout, I’ve been pretty careful about keeping my w...
🦊 Favorite Books of 2022
06 Dec 2022 12 9
Hey friends, It’s that time again! Today I’ll share my favorite books I read this year. I picked a handful of favorites and put them into loose categories of philosophy, creativity, and fiction. Feel ...

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