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Created 09 Mar 2021
  • Soft Power at Work
    23 Jun 2022
    In 2010, FC Barcelona agreed to a first of its kind deal - the Qatar Foundation would be its predominant front shirt sponsor after a record 150 million euro deal. The legendary Lionel Messi would beco...
  • Thoughts and Musings
    11 Jun 2022 2 0
    I will start this post by saying: long time no talk. Has been a while since the last Leverd post, apologies for the delay. Breaking apart from the normal purely informational posts - this will be more...
  • Themes for 2022
    05 Feb 2022
    First off - yes, I am aware… a little late on celebrating the new year with everyone here. There has been a little bit of commotion in the stock market lately if you have not noticed. But shedding som...
  • Is It Time to Re-evaluate China?
    07 Jan 2022 3 0
    PBoC, or The People’s Bank of China, did something very peculiar a few weeks ago in late December; the bank lowered China’s one-year loan prime rate down 5 basis points to 3.8%. Now although this may ...
  • Is there a world food shortage coming next year?
    08 Nov 2021 7 0
    One of the most important commodities in the world is quietly seeing rising prices as well as a slipping supply to suffice the massive world demand. That commodity is fertilizer. As a result of soarin...
  • FOMC July 2021 Preview
    26 Jul 2021 5 0
    The following is the first entry of a new series to leverd known as “FOMC Monthly Overview”. In this subsection of leverd, Federal Reserve meeting minutes will be covered with a focus on potential out...
  • The I-Word
    18 Jul 2021 3 0
    The dirty word of 2021 that nobody in the economic world can get out of their mouth: inflation. Is it transitory? Is it here to stay? For the better half of eight months investors have battled to unde...
  • The Aftermath of Approval
    12 Jun 2021 1 0
    On Monday, June 7th, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first Alzheimer’s treatment in nearly twenty years. The decision did not come without its fair share of controversy. As many in the m...
  • Decision Time for the FDA and Aducanumab
    05 Jun 2021 1 0
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so the adage goes. Alzheimer’s Disease the most common type of dementia, which progressively decays parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language. ...
  • 5G & The State of The Telecom Industry
    29 Apr 2021 2 0
    We, as consumers and investors, often hear much of our information regarding the telecommunications industry through a fishbowl - so to speak. The end product is connection, in every form; from social...
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