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Created 18 Apr 2019

Web3: Curve's goes from stablecoin AMM to stablecoin issuer; Ledger's crypto debit cards; Multi-chain transaction orchestrator t3rn raises $6.5MM

29 Nov 2022 10
Gm Fintech Futurists — Welcome to our Web3 newsletter, covering DeFi, digital assets, NFTs, and the emergence of the financial metaverse. Today we highlight the following: DEFI & DIGITAL ASSETS: Curve...

Blueprint: UK & Singapore partner on fintech bridge; Arbitrageur attacks Aave after breaking Mango Markets; No-code fintech platform Taktile raises $20MM

28 Nov 2022 14
Hi Fintech Futurists — You’ve got this. Weather is bad, but you know what to do. Today’s agenda below. INSTITUTIONAL: Agreement with Singapore opens new fintech market for UK businesses (link here) DE...

Podcast Conversation: Adam Nash, Daffy CEO & former Wealthfront CEO, on using technology to improve people's financial lives

25 Nov 2022 4
Hi Fintech Architects, Welcome back to our podcast series! For those that want to subscribe in your app of choice, you can now find us at Apple, Spotify, or on RSS. In this conversation, we chat with ...

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