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Writing about web3, and its implications on consumers, creators, and the world.
Created 26 Oct 2018
  • The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content
    20 Dec 2021 54 15
    By Li Jin and Katie Parrott for Every You can collect this post as an NFT on Mirror here. In January 1996, Bill Gates published what would go on to become one of the classic essays of the early intern...
  • Challenging Amazon's dominance
    16 Dec 2021 29 2
    In Q3 2021, the e-commerce share of US retail sales stood at 13%—a decline from a peak of 15.7% during COVID lockdowns. Despite long-standing predictions that shoppers would shift purchases online—for...
  • Atelier Ventures and Variant Fund are joining forces
    19 Oct 2021 21 1
    Last summer, I left Andreessen Horowitz to start Atelier Ventures, an early-stage venture firm devoted to the passion economy: new platforms that enabled users to “monetize individuality.” In a world ...
  • Legitimacy Lost
    14 Oct 2021 23 2
    [I regularly publish (another) newsletter called Means of Creation with the smart folks at Every. Below, I’m sharing our most recent essay on the legitimacy crisis in the creator economy. You can subs...
  • A Labor Movement for the Platform Economy
    24 Sep 2021 21 4
    [Hi readers, This essay was published today in Harvard Business Review. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! -Li] By Li Jin, Scott Duke Kominers, and Lila Shroff In ...
  • The creator economy is in crisis. Now let’s fix it.
    10 Aug 2021 47 7
    Illustration by Annie Zhao for Li’s Newsletter Nearly two years ago, I published “The Passion Economy and the Future of Work,” which laid out a vision for online work that was informed by and a reacti...
  • Apple is Holding Back the Creator Economy
    10 May 2021 30 6
    [Each week, I publish a newsletter called Means of Creation with the smart folks at Every, deep-diving into a topic in the passion economy. Below, I’m cross-posting our most recent essay on how Apple’...
  • The Case for Universal Creative Income
    21 Apr 2021 60 14
    By Li Jin and Lila Shroff Illustration by Annie Zhao for Li’s Newsletter Subscribe now In the 1930s, the New Deal was a series of programs and projects instituted to aid the unemployed, support econom...
  • Meet Atelier
    16 Feb 2021 64 16
    Hi readers, Meet Atelier Ventures, my new VC firm investing in the passion economy! Many of you know that I’ve been actively investing in startups for the past several months, but now I’m finally maki...
  • We studied 50+ startups on TikTok and here’s what we found
    27 Jan 2021 14 0
    By Li Jin and Lila Shroff Brandon Handoko for Li’s Newsletter [This is a preview of a full post linked here] One morning a few weeks ago, we woke up to excited messages from friends telling us that ou...
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