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Stripe: Downround, IPO -- what's happening? 🤔; When it comes to FTX, it seems that everybody’s a creditor 🤯; Book Now, Pay Later 🏨
28 Jan 2023 9
Hey Everyone, TGIF! We’re finishing off a really intense week with another great issue 🌶 Today we’re looking at Stripe (what’s up with the down-round, IPO, and performance?), FTX, where everybody’s a...
Is this the beginning of the end for Bolt?⚡️; DCG is starting to shake 👀; Cryptocurrency infra is the hottest thing in crypto right now🔥
27 Jan 2023 7
Hey Everyone, Happy Thursday! Today we’re looking at Bolt, which is laying off again (is it the beginning of the end for the one-click checkout firm?), DCG which is starting to shake (Genesis is watch...
Major US banks want to take on Apple Pay & PayPal. It’s understandable yet somewhat delusional 😬; Amazon + Stripe = Marriage made in Heaven 😇; Crypto is putting banking system at serious risk 🏦
26 Jan 2023 6
Hey Everyone, Happy Thursday! Due to health issues (felt super under the weather 🤒), yesterday’s issue is coming out today. But it’s definitely worth the wait as we’re going to look at major US banks...
PhonePe raises $350M to turbocharge growth and become a Super App 🚀; Revolut's new Ultra subscription plan is a totally useless money sink 🤦‍♂️; FTX native token FTT returns from the dead 💀
25 Jan 2023 6
Hey Everyone, Happy Tuesday! Today’s issue is super interesting as we’re going to look at PhonePe raising massive $$$ to turbocharge growth and become India’s dominant Super App (+ bonus on how India ...
Genesis files for bankruptcy. Here's why it's alarming🚨; Sequoia doubles down on early-stage founders 🚀; FTX 2.0? 👀
23 Jan 2023 5
Hey Everyone, Happy Monday! I hope you managed to relax over the weekend because today’s issue is really hot 🌶 We’re looking at Genesis bankruptcy and why it's alarming (a deep and eye-opening dive),...

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