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Lisa Selin Davis
A newsletter about where our ideas of "normal" for boys & girls, men & women come from, and how they shape private families and public policy. Speaking the unspeakable. Pro-complexity, mess, murk; anti-shutting down of ideas and questions.
Created 27 Jul 2020
  • We're Living in the Upside Down
    03 May 2022 39 10
    creative commons/flickr On May 1, a UK newspaper published what I thought was a reasonable and sane piece responding to Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine’s assertion that there is medical c...
  • Parents Are Being Investigated for *Not* Transitioning Their Kids
    25 Apr 2022 33 3
    Pixabay/Creative Commons They spent spent three years affirming their daughter, a stereotypically feminine child with no previous history of gender issues who was suddenly exhibiting gender dysphoria ...
  • Yes, Kids Are Getting Gender Surgeries
    19 Apr 2022 72 9
    “I just feel so foolish,” Grace said to me. We were sitting in a Greenwich Village diner, commiserating over how we’d both been duped, or allowed ourselves to be duped, by the gender culture wars. Gra...
  • Exploratory Therapy Is Not Conversion Therapy
    11 Apr 2022 17 1
    Last week, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he’d aim to ban conversion therapy for lesbians, gays and bisexuals but not for kids identifying as transgender. The reason, he said, was th...
  • The Corrections
    05 Apr 2022 25 5
    Creative Commons/Piqsels Like many liberals, I grew up revering The New York Times, and have never felt prouder than when they’ve accepted my op-eds in the past. But these days, their gender-focused p...
  • Why Some Liberals Embrace the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill
    01 Apr 2022 72 9
    Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash Much of the outrage over Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, HB 1557, is aimed at what many see as its censorship clause: The bill “prohibits classroom discussion about ...
  • A Parent of a Trans-Identified Child Responds to Paxton
    21 Mar 2022 6 2
    Creative Commons/Pixabay After I wrote here about the Texas policy declaring gender-affirming care for children child abuse, and published the San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, a parent wrote to me to ex...
  • Nuance Is Not The Problem
    17 Mar 2022 25 5
    Pixabay/Creative Commons Five years ago, awash in naivety, I wrote something for The New York Times (though not the headline!) about how people assumed my stereotypically masculine daughter was trans....
  • Tangling with the Florida "Don't Say Gay" Bill
    16 Mar 2022 26 8
    The Snapper/Creative Commons Because I’ve found the reporting on kids with gender dysphoria to be particularly one-sided in the left and center press, I have taken to subscribing to independent media ...
  • The Trouble With Texas, Part 2
    08 Mar 2022 14 4
    I am currently making all posts free so as many people can read them as possible. If you’re able to subscribe to help me keep doing this, please do. Subscribe now Creative Commons/Rawpixel Thanks to t...
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