Lonely Victories

Hurley Winkler
An occasional newsletter on writing and reading.
Created 17 Apr 2020
  • Will you be my writer friend?
    21 Mar 2022 5 5
    The writing life can be a lonely one. In fact, that’s why I named this newsletter Lonely Victories. When writers have wins on the page, we most often experience them by ourselves. I don’t like being l...
  • Writing Lessons From Musicians
    11 Feb 2022 5 0
    CONFESSION TIME: books aren’t my favorite artistic medium. I listen to music allllll day long. While I work. While I drive. While I cook. And you better believe I have something in ears while I write....
  • Keeping Our Writing Resolutions
    21 Jan 2022 3 1
    On the first day of 2022, I upgraded my New York Times subscription. Instead of just subscribing online like I always have, I decided to level up to the weekend print edition. Every Friday, Saturday, ...
  • I finished my novel revision!
    17 Dec 2021 4 1
    I did it! My latest novel revision is done. It feels incredible to close out the year this way. A very tired me after finishing this novel draft AND turning in my grades for the semester. Oof. I will ...
  • Gift Guide for Writers and Readers
    19 Nov 2021
    Since you can only gift so many fancy bookmarks to the bookworms in your life, I’ve rounded up some 2021 book recommendations from readers! For the friend you trust with your most complicated emotions...
  • Busy Hands Are Writer Hands
    10 Nov 2021 1 0
    BIG NEWS: I recently converted to carrot sticks as my snack of choice! I’ve never liked raw carrots before. They’re too bland! Too crunchy! A while ago, I heard that the jaw strength it takes to bite ...
  • Writing While Mothering
    24 Sep 2021 2 1
    I feel like I’m in a constant fight for my writing time. I fight against my workload as a teacher and freelancer. I fight the overflowing laundry hamper and the correspondingly low stock of clean unde...
  • Self-Publishing to Indie Publishing
    10 Sep 2021 2 2
    For today’s issue, I spoke with my pal Spencer Fleury, author of the novel How I’m Spending My Afterlife. Spencer and I met at the Lit Camp conference in 2019, where we instantly bonded over our share...
  • Bad Conditions for Writing
    01 Sep 2021 5 8
    If I walk my dog at 7 a.m., it’s 88 degrees outside instead of 95. At least it is this time of year. At least it is in Jacksonville—my hometown, from which I have never, ever moved. Sprinkler water is...
  • What 1,000 Words a Day Taught Me
    20 Aug 2021 2 4
    Last week, I wrote 1,000 words every day. This is not something I ordinarily do, and I am so glad I did it. If you’re on Twitter, you’ve likely come across Jami Attenberg’s #1000wordsofsummer, a writi...
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