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Created 30 Sep 2020
vibes and the people that know them

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villain era, but halal
16 Sep 2022 4 1
this week, i am going to hand over the reins to ashley hefnawy! we met in 2017 and immediately clicked on being djs but then as time went on she has become a very important part of my support network ...
divided in grief 🕊
09 Sep 2022 3
🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊 another heavy one. back to heehees, hahas, and shy nigga behavior in october. 4 years ago we lost ryan mccormack. I started to open up last year in this issue but here is my piece about...
afronihilist.fm 🎶
01 Sep 2022 2 1
gonna be another long one, like the forthcoming glick. this month, reflecting on almost being stabbed, microdosing LA, and mad plugs for the homies 🤝 but while you read, here’s a treat— a mix I threw...
silly season software update 8.1.22 💿
01 Aug 2022 3
“hey man, you good? you ain’t touched your toxic masculinity” the next ios update better have a way to airdrop serotonin to the homies here come the android niggas like “we been had that,” we would’ve...
scary go round
25 May 2022
uvelde gofundme 🌱 6 years ago i started working on a short film hashtag (shout out quincy and michelle). in the years since, i am so glad that that film does not define my body of work, my point of v...

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