Lost Poems

Joey Tulino
poems looking for the words to bring them home again…
Created 27 Sep 2021
  • That Moment, That Pause
    03 Jul 2022
    There is a moment, a pause, when an in breath changes and becomes an out breath. We have taken in that which is around us, there is a shift, and we offer out that which is within us. A process so auto...
  • The Path From Here
    02 Jul 2022
    When man looks at the world and sees nothing but spoils to be conquered and divided and divided and spoiled, that all that lay before him is there to be reaped at his whim, how soon all that will be l...
  • The First Page of a New Notebook
    02 Jul 2022
    The first page of a new notebook is always a bit intimidating. So many blank pages stacked up behind it and do I have anything to say that will fill them up? I honestly don’t know. But those pages wil...
  • At The Way of All Partings
    02 Jul 2022
    If this night I were to find myself at the way of all partings and given the chance to look back at what I have done with this life that I have been offered, what would I find there? Would I find only...
  • Some Strange Turning
    01 Jul 2022
    Oh, if only I could give name, give shape, to this twisting in my soul, but the edges elude me and the word will not touch my tongue. O my soul, O my soul, be at peace. Twist as you might, as you need...
  • There Is More To This World Than What I Can Give Name To
    01 Jul 2022
    “Faith is the aftermath of questioning–not the answers but the quitting of doubt.” - Lewis Hyde Might it be that after all these years I have become a man of faith? Not in that I have given myself to...
  • Though The Day Grows Dark
    30 Jun 2022
    Though the day grows dark and weighs heavy on your soul, the light it is not gone. There is a spark within you and it draws those who love you, just as their sparks draw you. And light carries light a...
  • To Shape Our Worlds The Same
    30 Jun 2022 1 0
    [I don’t know if this one is a poem or merely the incoherent ramblings of a mind lost in that place of not quite yet awake but not quite still asleep, but it was on my mind this morning…] In the days...
  • The “Good Ol’ Days”
    28 Jun 2022 1 0
    Sometimes, probably too often, I think that I was born at the wrong time. There’s something about days gone by that feel just a bit more familiar. The cars, the clothes, the music, the movies, the boo...
  • The Things That Make Up A Life
    28 Jun 2022 1 0
    I remember when I first started trying to write poems, carrying around a black and white mottled composition book everywhere, more to be seen with it than actually to write. The writing all waited for...
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