The Sit Spot

Maggie Mackellar
A weekly newsletter of observations, field notes, ruminations and recommendations from writer Maggie MacKellar.
Created 19 May 2021
  • Study in Grey
    05 Apr 2022
    it really is pinch yourself beautiful here A week or so ago I listened to a woman tell a story on a podcast1. The woman is an ocean swimmer and something in the tenor of her voice struck me as extraor...
  • Best laid plans
    28 Mar 2022
    The beautiful Lake Rhona, captured by my mate Lee, and where I really wanted to be last weekend. The days grow quickly short. We’ve passed the turning of the year. There is an urgency to seek the sun,...
  • Walking with Frank
    21 Mar 2022
    Walking with Frank We walk, three dogs, a horse and I, down past the sheep yards where J is drenching ewes. We leave the whistles, clanging gates, barking dogs and follow the track down the hill to th...
  • In which a dog grows up, some lambs are drafted and plans change...
    14 Mar 2022
    Geoffrey in his shaggy magnificence Barbara Kingsolver has a poem called How to Shear a Sheep. To shear a sheep the poet suggests the best thing to do would be to go to the shed at dawn and take all y...
  • Break of Autumn
    07 Mar 2022
    J sent me these young chaps getting ready to launch from his workshop. The robins have multiplied. Last week there was only a flash of scarlet in the bush, now there are streaks of red. Out walking I ...
  • Wet lambs and war heros
    28 Feb 2022
    Terrible photo out of the window of the ute of Zig moving sheep. Gives you the general idea though…. The rain has stopped, for the moment, and from my desk I can hear a mopoke hunting and the roar of ...
  • Of birds and words
    21 Feb 2022
    I’m up at the shack. I’ve been here for four days on an intensive deep dive into the edit of the manuscript, called - well at least on my computer - The Lambing Diaries. I have been working on this ma...
  • Let us all hope
    14 Feb 2022
    It’s only the middle of February, but already the season is turning. I thought I noticed it last week but it seemed a trick of the light, the first glint of gold in the line of silver birches, the fir...
  • The swans are singing
    07 Feb 2022
    Swans on the Bay The swans are singing. I leave the door open and the wind carries their song across the water and into my room. Before I went to bed I’d walked the dogs along the edge of the bay. We’...
  • How to catch a Silvereye and then let it go
    31 Jan 2022
    It’s late summer, the last day of January. My world is rimmed in greens and framed by blue. It’s the sort of day where you can feel the earth swell, the sort of day where it’s impossible to remember w...
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