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Marc Stein
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Created 24 Jun 2021
  • Trading Russell Westbrook
    07 Apr 2022 11 20
    The Los Angeles Lakers can't come out and say what everyone knows: They want to trade Russell Westbrook before the start of next season. What does Westbrook want? After the Lakers were officially doom...
  • 'Round the NBA we go: Power Rankings!
    05 Apr 2022 6 5
    For the seventh and last time this season: Happy Power Rankings Tuesday! In its Substack era, The Committee (of One) has opted for monthly publishing as opposed to dispensing the rankings weekly. I th...
  • King James chases last crown left
    03 Apr 2022 8 4
    LeBron James might really pull it off. Nearly 600 players (598 to be exact) have logged at least one NBA minute this season to establish a new league record. James is going to be eligible to beat them...
  • Your weekend NBA listening fix
    02 Apr 2022 2 0
    After back-to-back Spotify Greenrooms starring high-profile guests Jake Fischer and Alan Sepinwall, we returned Friday to our usual format that enables the audience to ask the bulk of the questions. T...
  • Let's be April Fools together
    01 Apr 2022 2 36
    First things first: Today is April 1st. It’s April Fools’ Day. It’s important to keep your guard up for pranks, hoaxes and scams. Yet it’s also an opportunity for us to come together in this thread, t...
  • Ben Simmons sticks with Nike
    01 Apr 2022 6 4
    Ben Simmons has a new three-year shoe deal with Nike, according to Simmons’ agent Rich Paul, after the former All-Star’s advanced negotiations with New Balance did not result in a deal. League sources...
  • On Spider-Man memes (and the Nets)
    29 Mar 2022 6 5
    From the Now It Can Be Told Department: The original animated Spider-Man and one of his most unforgettable adventures contributed heavily to my skepticism that the Kevin Durant/James Harden/Kyrie Irvi...
  • Where hoops and Hollywood intersect
    28 Mar 2022 4 5
    If you read this Substack with regularity or follow my Twitter account, you surely already know that I have a number of issues with the quality (and accuracy) we’ve seen through four episodes of HBO’s...
  • All-NBA angst ... all the dang time
    27 Mar 2022 5 0
    It's amazing how much hysteria All-NBA voting causes. An otherwise sleepy Saturday afternoon in #thisleague, falling in the midst of March Madness, suddenly got noisy with several hours' worth of fres...
  • The latest in NBA intel
    25 Mar 2022 5 3
    The NBA weekend is off to a very strong start. For 70 minutes Friday, I was joined by Bleacher Report’s ace scribe Jake Fischer to cover as many pertinent around-the-league topics as we could stuff in...
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