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Created 27 Aug 2020
  • Monday Morning Mark • 96
    27 Jun 2022 14 10
    One Minute Wit That Was Stupid Club I’ve got my card Andrew Martin Have you ever wanted to weigh something heavy? So you hauled a bulky 51-pound object across the house to the bathroom scale. Then you...
  • Getting To Know You Thursdays • 1
    23 Jun 2022 14 68
    I like to think of my readers as my online friends. And since we are friends, I would like to get to know you a little better. So I am starting a series of Getting To Know You Thursdays Questions. I w...
  • Monday Morning Mark • 95
    20 Jun 2022 16 12
    One Minute Wit Funny Walk Bogdan Glisik If you take a step, fall down, get up, take a step, fall down, get up, take a step, fall down. You should probably wait until the giant swinging ship ride comes...
  • The Grisly Ghosts of Gruesome Time – Chapter 4
    16 Jun 2022 13 9
    The Great Substack Story Challenge is a round-robin story being written by 13 fiction writers. If you are new to the story, you can find the first chapter by clicking the center link below. < Previous...
  • Monday Morning Mark • 94
    13 Jun 2022 13 4
    One Minute Wit Gravity Repelling Safety Helmet Invention Log: Initial test results, notes, and observations TayebMEZAHDIA Assistant Larry dropped a steel beam at my head from four floors up. Helmet de...
  • The Lost Art Of Leaning
    09 Jun 2022 21 24
    All photos via Simpleinsomnia • Creative Commons It’s rarely given a second thought nowadays, but there was a time when leaning was highly valued. Standing up straight was considered lazy and lacking ...
  • Monday Morning Mark • 93
    06 Jun 2022 13 16
    One Minute Wit Secrets Janko Ferlič Don’t you hate it when you feel so bad that you yell out your deepest, darkest secret? And then you suddenly remember you have a parrot. Microfiction For Sentimenta...
  • The Writing Genie Grants You One Wish
    02 Jun 2022 12 16
    Sort of. It’s pretend time. If you are not a writer [I know many of you are], pretend you are. One morning, you wake up and find a genie’s lamp on your coffee table. Naturally, you rub it ...
  • Monday Morning Mark • 92
    30 May 2022 14 24
    One Minute Wit Stopping Time 6072518 Don’t you hate it when you finally figure out how to freeze time with your mind, and then your Mom puts a new battery in the clock. Poem Unending Painting by Sian ...
  • Harry Was A Newsman • 3
    26 May 2022 12 18
    Simon Wijers Start from the beginning. Mark Starlin Writes! Harry Was A Newsman Harry was a newsman. He was one of the greats back in the day. But now he was a dying breed, and he knew it. The paper w...
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