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Mathurah Ravigulan
tech, reflections & how-tos
Created 20 Jul 2021
  • Product Engineer by Day, Venture Capitalist by Night - balancing two worlds for the past four months
    03 Apr 2022 4 1
    Over the past 4 months, I've been wearing multiple hats in the startup ecosystem: doing product/engineering work at CommandBar, interning at Cowboy Ventures, and supporting diverse founders through th...
  • moving to SF for the first time
    15 Feb 2022 4 1
    I’ve been dreaming of getting to live and work in San Francisco since I was 14 and watched Silicon Valley for the first time with some hackathon friends from Teens Learning Code. I was always in awe o...
  • 2b or not 2b
    15 Dec 2021 5 2
    That is the question I asked myself all term long - the killer term in systems design engineering that makes you question if you should be here in the first place. This term also had a special place i...
  • take back the future! - mathurah response
    11 Oct 2021
    This is a response essay to a beautiful piece written by Jasmine Sun: Reboot ⚡️ Take Back the Future! Today, I’m sharing what I wrote for Kernel Magazine’s opening essay: a manifesto explaining the pe...
  • greetings, internet.
    20 Jul 2021 3 0
    writing this while listening to Sad, Beautiful, Tragic by Taylor Swift perched up in my temporary Montreal bedroom with a fan at my ear in hopes of escaping the summer heat. I’ve been wanting to write...
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