Meaning In History

Mark Wauck
Meaning In History
Created 03 Sep 2021
  • The Nazis Next Door
    03 May 2022 6 1
    That’s the name of a book by Eric Lichtblau. I got the link from a thread that Stephen McIntyre did—and I highly recommend it. McIntyre’s account of If you’re of a certain age, like I am, you’re famil...
  • SCOTUS Leak: Political Angles
    03 May 2022 13 11
    This will just be some quick Twitter roundups, drawing largely from Hans Mahncke—who, it turns out, beat me to what I thought would be the biggest scoop of my life. I hate that! Hans Mahncke @HansMahn...
  • Investigating The SCOTUS Leak
    03 May 2022 18 13
    So it’s official. After early rumors to the effect, the Chief Justice has confirmed that there will be a leak investigation. According to the statement below it will be conducted by the Marshal of the...
  • BREAKING: Server In Alito's Chambers Connects To Putin's Office
    03 May 2022 12 6
    That’s right. I saw the chance to break this story before the MSM could get it out. See, Alito’s draft opinion was actually written in the Kremlin. Is it true? How would I know? It’s just a narrative....
  • Uproar Over Attempt To Obstruct SCOTUS?
    03 May 2022 14 19
    Of course there will be an avalanche of commentary today—and likely until the decision is released—over the leak of a draft opinion written by Justice Alito. That draft—not the final opinion—overturne...
  • Are Liberals Inviting A Storming Of The Scotus?
    03 May 2022 19 12
    HRC: “This decision is a direct assault on the dignity, rights, & lives of women, not to mention decades of settled law. It will kill and subjugate women even as a vast majority of Americans think abo...
  • Commentary On The AFP SitRep From Ukraine
    02 May 2022 17 12
    It’s a bit of a slow news day so far and, to be honest, I’m a bit burned out. Yesterday AFP published an article that focused on a Ukrainian unit that, according to the story, had been pulled from the...
  • On The Covid Front
    01 May 2022 20 12
    There was intriguing news yesterday. Not only has Alex Berenson’s case against Twitter made it past the motion to dismiss, but the federal judge handling the case has demanded “expedited and broad dis...
  • First Cases For The Disinformation Board?
    01 May 2022 21 16
    The Zhou regime is in full disinformation mode, and who will speak the truth? Our bought and paid for Congress? Not likely. The MSM? They’re all in, always have been: Clint Ehrlich @ClintEhrlich Nick ...
  • Neocons Running The Russia Show: What Could Go Wrong?
    30 Apr 2022 17 23
    In a word—or a few—just about everything. After all, their track record is far from reassuring. In fact, their screwups seem to just keep scaling up. Consider this from a very worthwhile article: Tell...
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