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Created 08 Jul 2020
  • Stuff You Should Consume - June 27, 2022
    27 Jun 2022 19 6
    Welcome to this week’s edition of “Stuff You Should Consume.” Share The Message Box “Requiem for the Supreme Court” by Linda Greenhouse, New York Times Except, of course, that the story isn’t over. Al...
  • Roe and the Right Wing Assault on Freedom
    26 Jun 2022 44 12
    A lot has been said and will be said about the Supreme Court’s unprecedented decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and rescind a Constitutional Right that has been in place for a half-century. We knew this...
  • Wednesday Q&A Thread
    22 Jun 2022 10 101
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  • A Unified Dem Narrative for 2022
    21 Jun 2022 61 31
    There is no shortage of things happening right now. The U.S. is dealing with historically high inflation centered on the politically explosive areas of gas and groceries. The Fed is raising interest r...
  • Stuff You Should Consume - June 19, 2022
    19 Jun 2022 15 5
    Welcome to this week’s edition of “Stuff You Should Consume.” Share The Message Box “The January 6th Investigation: A Guide for Advocates,” Navigator Research “America’s Coming Age of Instability” by ...
  • The Ongoing Republican Plot to Steal the Election
    15 Jun 2022 42 10
    I was more than a little impressed by the work of the January 6th Committee. Their presentation was articulate, concise and dramatic. They clearly thought about how to make the case in a digital media...
  • President Biden's Communications Strategy Shift
    12 Jun 2022 46 15
    There has been a raft of recent stories about frustrations inside and outside the White House about President Biden’s message not “breaking through.” As Edward Isaac Dovere recently wrote in CNN: Aide...
  • How the GOP Plans to Wash Away the Truth about Jan 6th
    09 Jun 2022 57 10
    Congress will gather tonight for the most important set of hearings since Watergate. The January 6th Committee will present its findings about what happened and who is responsible for the January 6th ...
  • Wednesday Q&A Thread
    08 Jun 2022 26 96
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  • Excerpt: Battling the Big Lie (Out Today!)
    07 Jun 2022 39 12
    “Battling the Big Lie” is out today! Below is an exclusive excerpt of the book for Message Box readers. Thank you to everyone that has already preordered the book. I am so appreciative of your support...
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