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Michael Markman
Created 23 Jul 2022
Mickeleh's take on whatever Mickeleh takes on

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Masks off
20 Sep 2022 2
Thanks for reading Mickeleh's Take Subscribe for free to receive new posts by email I started this series on what I call the Trump MCU—the MAGA Conspiratorial Universe—to emphasize that the threat to ...
Triumph of the Shill: Q the Music
19 Sep 2022 3
London may have The Queue. But America has The Q. While London’s Queue ended with the Queen’s funeral, Americas Q lingers forever, sustained in symbiotic relationship with Donald J. Trump. Last night ...
Short takes #2
17 Sep 2022 5
Thanks for reading Mickeleh's Take! Subscribe for free to receive new posts by email. How Trump keeps getting away with it In a lifetime of shady dealing, Donald Trump has never been indicted (unless ...
There goes CNN
15 Sep 2022 3 1
Large chunks of U.S. news media remain stymied by the challenge of covering our radically divided politics while chasing incompatible siloed audiences. Some of their muddle is simply old habits dying ...
Short Takes #1
07 Sep 2022 3
Judge Cannon, in her ruling granting Trump’s request for a special master to review documents collected at Mar-a-Lago, was clearly auditioning for a slot on the Federalist Society shortlist for the Su...

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