Mmrs from the vault

Lindsy Carrasquillo
revisiting music i've been impacted by and what it means to me now
Created 20 Jul 2020
  • it makes me feel like the pain had a purpose
    04 Feb 2021 • 3 min read
    I could build out a whole timeline of how Paramore has been woven into my life, especially when it comes to firsts. The first band on my blue SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 player, the first band shirt I ever...
  • time can let the mind forget
    20 Sep 2020 • 4 min read
    Lately, I’ve been dipping back into the psychology corner of my brain. I would’ve minored in it in college had I taken just one more class but with the mess that was my last two years of school — chan...
  • if the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall
    16 Sep 2020 • 5 min read
    I'd like to think I have a good memory. Some moments are much more specific and detailed than others. Like the day I met my friend Danny in 9th grade. We were wearing the same band shirt, mine a black...
  • we're thinking of those we left back home
    09 Sep 2020 • 3 min read
    In my last piece, I wrote about my tattoos. The next day, I found my ideal artist, messaged her and a few days after, my appointment was booked. I originally imagined I wouldn’t be able to get an appo...
  • where does the good go?
    26 Aug 2020 • 5 min read
    What I’ve written about myself here obviously isn’t the most important thing right now but it’s nice to use this space to clear my head. First off, if you have the means please consider donating to: J...
  • everything that I feel's like a warm deep calm casting over me
    20 Aug 2020 • 4 min read
    I could tell you the exact day I started my Tumblr account had I not deleted all of those old, embarrassing (at the time) first posts years ago (some time around June 2011 is my estimate). What I do k...
  • ain't it funny, now we can see we're who we're meant to be
    17 Aug 2020 • 3 min read • 1 0
    I just got home from buying a skateboard. It was the last one in my price range so I'll take that as a sign (or maybe it's one that I should give my impulsive buys a second thought but who's to say.) ...
  • moods don't command you if you don't know what you're going through
    15 Aug 2020 • 1 min read
    While cycling through my mental, emotional lexicon, every year is marked by a band or album, the same way that seasons or holidays mark time for others. In 2016, that was Rilo Kiley. I was standing in...
  • what does it take, how long must i wait?
    13 Aug 2020 • 2 min read
    abolish jenny durkan @deleuzelautrec 2005: buying Postal Service merch to show my indie cred appreciation of Ben Gibbard 2020: buying Postal Service merch in an attempt to save a public utility being ...
  • we're going to waste the days getting outpriced of our apartments
    11 Aug 2020 • 4 min read
    Let’s take it back to March 12th. I left my downtown office job at 4:45pm (to give me just enough edge to beat rush hour traffic) and drive over to Cafe Coco, a coffee shop with outdoor seating that f...
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