Mouse and Minnow

Marilyn Anne Campbell / Steve Alguire
A small celebration of animals. Original art and writing sent on Sundays.
Created 27 May 2021
  • Matamata Smile
    03 Jan 2022
    Happy New Year, friends! Welcome to the first issue of Mouse and Minnow for 2022. We’re excited to be back for more weekly celebrations of animals. If you’re a new reader, you can always go back and e...
  • A Creature Was Stirring
    25 Dec 2021 3 0
    Merry Christmas, everyone! We actually intended to publish last weekend and not this weekend, but things happened last weekend (and by “things” I mean I had to do last-minute Christmas shopping), so t...
  • It's Dark-eyed Junco Season
    12 Dec 2021 3 0
    Hello friends, and welcome to another issue of Mouse and Minnow. This week we're sticking with the winter theme and celebrating a little migratory bird of North America who is best known for appearing...
  • Praying for a Merry Mantismas
    05 Dec 2021 2 0
    Welcome back, all, to the post-NaNoWriMo return of Mouse and Minnow, the mostly-weekly newsletter where Steve and I celebrate animals with original art and writing. (And yes, I did successfully comple...
  • Happy as a Handfish (and a short hiatus)
    15 Nov 2021 2 0
    Hello and welcome to the twentieth(!) issue of Mouse and Minnow, the newsletter where Steve and I celebrate a different animal each week. Except for next week. And possibly the week after. I'm current...
  • March of the Newt
    08 Nov 2021 1 0
    Hello all and welcome to a Monday issue of Mouse and Minnow. Today we're celebrating the Rough-skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa), an amphibian of North America's Pacific Northwest. Subscribe for free t...
  • Interview with the Vampire Bat
    31 Oct 2021 3 3
    Happy Halloween, friends! October 31 seemed like the perfect day to chat with/about the Common Vampire Bat, that misunderstood mammal of Central and South America. (First time here? Mouse and Minnow i...
  • Big Little Hunter
    24 Oct 2021 1 1
    Happy Sunday, fauna fans! October is the perfect month for creatures of the night, so this week we're celebrating the Northern Saw-whet Owl, one of the smallest owls in North America. (First time here...
  • Sow Bug Shuffle
    19 Oct 2021 1 0
    Welcome friends to another (late) edition of Mouse and Minnow. This (no-longer-the-)weekend we’re celebrating sow bugs, those cute little armoured woodlice who crawl around in damp places but don’t ro...
  • The Forward-Thinking Fish
    10 Oct 2021 1 0
    Mouse and Minnow is a free weekly newsletter that creatively celebrates the amazing animals who share this world. If you’re already a subscriber, feel free to share it online or forward it to others y...
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