Murder, She Cooked

Silver Screen Suppers
Recipes from the kitchen of Angela Lansbury and many of her Murder, She Wrote co-stars. Enjoy the dishes while you watch!
Created 08 Jul 2021
  • Capitol Offense
    03 Nov 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    Jessica serves dainty slices of cake and tea in china cups to a visitor who arrives in Cabot Cove with a vital request. A congressman has suddenly passed away, and they need J.B.'s help in Washington,...
  • Death Casts A Spell
    27 Oct 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    The "Tonight on Murder, She Wrote" preamble to this show makes me laugh a lot. There are great soundbites from Jessica and other stars of the episode, plus we see her jumping onto a motorbike and spee...
  • Death Takes A Curtain Call
    20 Oct 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    Jessica is excited about an invitation to Boston for an evening out on the town. She'll be attending a special performance by the Rostoff Ballet. After the show, she unexpectedly gets mixed up in the ...
  • We're Off To Kill The Wizard
    13 Oct 2021 • 2 min read • 2 0
    Jessica's work ethic is strong and mighty. She writes, she lectures, and she travels all around the world promoting her books. But she manages to maintain a wonderfully self-deprecating sense of humou...
  • Hit, Run and Homicide
    06 Oct 2021 • 2 min read • 1 0
    Slightly potty inventor Daniel O'Brien played by the legendary Van Johnson, was way ahead of his time when working on the concept of driverless cars. When this episode was aired, of course, most viewe...
  • Lovers and Other Killers
    29 Sep 2021 • 3 min read
    Those viewers familiar with the TV series Columbo might feel that Wayne Jennings from the episode Murder In Malibu has somehow dodged a prison sentence and changed his name to David Tolliver. Andrew S...
  • It's a Dog's Life
    22 Sep 2021 • 2 min read • 1 4
    Tally Ho! There are red hunting jackets, top hats and jodhpurs a go-go in this episode, plus the very English and most excellent Lynn Redgrave playing Jessica's cousin Abby. She's in charge of the hor...
  • Hooray For Homicide
    15 Sep 2021 • 2 min read • 1 3
    This episode has a spectacular opening, as Jessica appears to be strangling someone with a piece of rope. But, instead, it turns out that she's acting out a possible murder scenario for a forthcoming ...
  • Birds of a Feather
    08 Sep 2021 • 2 min read • 3 0
    Jessica's great love of lobsters is revealed in this episode. She is visiting her niece in San Francisco, and they are at a very swanky restaurant. Surprised to hear that they have Maine lobsters flow...
  • Deadly Lady
    01 Sep 2021 • 2 min read • 2 2
    If you returned home from a jog and found a strange man in your garden weeding your marigolds, would you invite him into your house for breakfast? No, neither would I, but I am not as trusting as Jess...
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