next big thing

Nikhil Basu Trivedi
weekly essay by a venture capitalist (@nbt) in search of the next big thing
Created 21 Mar 2020
  • Table22
    09 Feb 2022 30 0
    Restaurants have been tough businesses to operate for a long time. They are low-margin (WaPo cites 3-5%) with high failure rates (according to CNBC, 80% fail within 5 years), and a complicated relatio...
  • The next big thing in 2022 is...
    22 Dec 2021 50 0
    Welcome to issue #38 of next big thing. It’s been a while since my last post. 2021 has been the year of new beginnings for me, from launching Footwork to becoming a father. Those roles and responsibil...
  • Cradlewise
    09 Nov 2021 9 3
    At Footwork, we aspire to partner with companies that truly improve their customers’ lives, and with founders who see their mission as their lives’ work. No investment exemplifies these characteristic...
  • Climate and Crypto are the new Mobile
    26 Aug 2021 • 6 min read • 33 3
    Welcome to issue #37 of next big thing. As the past decade unfolded, it became more and more obvious that every company had to have a strategy for the rise of smartphone usage and penetration. Compani...
  • All Wedges Are Not Created Equal
    04 Aug 2021 20 6
    Welcome to issue #36 of next big thing. You likely saw the big M&A news in technology from the past week: Square is acquiring Afterpay for $29 billion. It is the largest ever acquisition in the financ...
  • How fast is too fast?
    29 Jul 2021 35 4
    Welcome to issue #35 of next big thing. We closed on Footwork Fund I in April, and it's been a very busy three months since. We've made our first three investments, in each case leading a Seed or Seri...
  • Via
    22 Jun 2021 13 0
    At Footwork, we look for companies that have signs of product-market fit, in thesis areas we’ve studied to develop a point of view. We also look for founders and founding teams that demonstrate the hu...
  • Many-Winner Markets
    28 Apr 2021 44 33
    Welcome to issue #34 of next big thing. First, a big thanks to all of you for your kind words and messages following our announcement of Footwork. Mike and I feel very fortunate to be in business with...
  • Footwork
    15 Apr 2021 94 40
    Welcome to issue #33 of next big thing. Back in July, I wrote An Ending and Fallow Time (issue #8), where I paid tribute to my previous career chapter, and outlined a few hopes for the next one. Nine ...
  • The Post-Pandemic Family
    25 Mar 2021 31 2
    Welcome to issue #32 of next big thing. It’s been a little over a year since the pandemic was declared in the U.S. In the time since, I’ve written about how work lives have changed in the knowledge ec...
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