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Neera Mahajan
This is where I share my insights, experiences, and learnings with writers wanting to establish their writing careers.
Created 20 Nov 2020
  • A taste for problems
    08 Apr 2022
    French poet Christian Bobin once wrote; I was peeling a red apple from the garden when I suddenly understood that life would only ever give me a series of wonderfully insoluble problems. With that tho...
  • How To Make Learning Plans
    06 Apr 2022
    Since last week I have started going to the gym every morning. I decided to rock up for the 7:30 class regardless of what it was. The first few days were fine. A little bit of flexibility training, a ...
  • First we explore then we exploit...
    01 Apr 2022 3 1
    A few months ago, I came across the “Explore, then Exploit” concept through one of Austin Kelon’s posts. He was referring to Derek Thompson’s research into what causes “hot streaks” in careers in The ...
  • The Flight
    30 Mar 2022 2 0
    Welcome to The Whimsical Writer, short story section. Each Wednesday, I will be sending you a character-driven short story in addition to my Friday letters. I have been wanting to get back to my ficti...
  • How many frogs can you eat?
    25 Mar 2022 3 2
    “I eat two frogs each morning,” wrote my friend Anu Sharma on her LinkedIn post. The frogs she is talking about are exercise and writing. “It takes me 45 minutes, and I prepare for them the night befo...
  • A surprise for you...
    18 Mar 2022 0 2
    There are some days when nothing goes your way. Wednesday was like that for me. Then there are days when everything falls in place. Yesterday was like that for me. I recorded three videos for “Write Y...
  • Emotional Ecstasy
    11 Mar 2022 2 0
    Yesterday we drove from Canberra to Melboure to attend a wedding. While my husband drove, I tackled my 9000+ emails strong inbox for eight hours to bring it to “inbox zero” state. I didn’t make a big ...
  • Something cool is coming your way...
    05 Mar 2022 2 2
    Yesterday, for the first time in 16 months, I didn’t send my newsletter on Friday. My children are visiting after two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, and we have much-needed family time to...
  • The Five Whys!
    25 Feb 2022 0 2
    Recently, I learned about a technique called ‘The Five Whys.’ Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota and father of the Japanese industrial revolution, invented this technique to uncover the causes of t...
  • Bullshit job
    18 Feb 2022 1 0
    Three years ago, I was trapped in a bullshit job. David Graeber, a London-based anthropologist, came up with the term bullshit job in his book, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, where he described a phenomenon...
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