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Created 24 Apr 2020
Book publishing advice and community for authors of fiction and nonfiction, written by the agents at Neon Literary.

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Is there a mismatch between what you think you're capable of as a writer and what you're actually managing to write? The problem might be sitting next to you right now. (People. It's other people.)
23 Jan 2023 17 4
A long time ago, I worked with an author who had a promising platform, great ideas, and—for the first few years—zero follow-through. This person would send me approximately one excellent paragraph of ...
Serious about finally finishing that novel this year? DON'T force yourself to make it a daily practice
11 Jan 2023 27 11
“Writers write.” “We make time for the things we want to do.” “Force yourself to write five hundred words per day—you’ll have a complete draft in three months and change.” “Break it down into small st...
FIGHT, FLIGHT, FAWN, OR FREEZE: the highly specific ways in which authors' stress responses weaken their books--and how to mop up yours on the page
06 Jan 2023 20 8
As all of us have lived through the past six years, I’m going to go ahead and assume we’re all familiar with the felt experience of acute stress. But just in case, let’s review. When stress and trauma...
RERUN POST: What Mike Knew
29 Dec 2022 6
Happy almost-new year, everyone. Hope you’re off resting somewhere cozy. Neon’s offices are closed this week, so I’m sending out a rerun post from 2021. I’ve chosen this particular one for three reaso...
Q and A edition: in which I discuss disappointing publicists and publicity campaigns; the eternal "memoir or novel" quandary; and the ever-simmering agita created by noncompete clauses
20 Dec 2022 12 2
Last week, I told you you had until tomorrow to ask me questions for this week’s Q and A. I, um, lied. I am sorry! It’s just that I got three nicely meaty questions in advance of today, then started a...

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