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27 Jan 2023 6
Share 1. Science magazine: Given the outsized role of the Amazon in our planetary hydrological cycle, large-scale deforestation of this region is expected to push the whole Earth system across a criti...
The Butterfly Nebula.
26 Jan 2023 4
Share 1. The Butterfly Nebula: (Source: @MAstronomers) 2. It’s not exactly the T-1000—yet. But researchers in China and the United States have created a liquid metal robot that can mimic the shape-shi...
Trump Is Back.
25 Jan 2023 5 1
Subscribe now 1. Jeremy Grantham: The first and easiest leg of the bursting of the bubble we called for a year ago is complete. The most speculative growth stocks that led the market on the way up hav...
The Distant Universe.
24 Jan 2023 3
Get 20% off a group subscription 1. (A) study released yesterday finds that China has surpassed the US in one key measure of innovation and is making major strides in another. The report by the Inform...

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