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Nick Offerman
More Carrots, Less Sticks
Created 04 Jan 2022
  • Bad Canoes!
    03 Jul 2022 10 4
    Marie-Lisa from Aotearoa (New Zealand), asks, “I just recently, finally, made the jump into construction project management (my dream field). As a woman in a male-dominated field I have to deal with a...
  • Toad in the Hole
    01 Jul 2022 33 17
    My Trusty Muleteers, today’s post is a follow-up to my last offering, in which I discussed where a body might find the best Scotch Egg in London. I am powerfully grateful for all of the meat-cart, pub...
  • Grease of Elbow
    27 Jun 2022 33 23
    In my posting on June 16, entitled “Am I a Jazz?”, I wrote, “I also worked for many young years as a laborer, shoveling blacktop and swinging a carpenter’s hammer. Those brutal years of sweat and spli...
  • My Sexy Secret to Successex?
    23 Jun 2022 27 7
    Michael Ezell-Poux of San Antonio, Texas, asks, “I’m currently finishing Paddle Your Own Canoe and it has unknowingly thrown me into a deep desperation to pursue stand up and the performing arts. I’m ...
  • Hairy Warriors
    19 Jun 2022 25 6
    Jamie Biddulph of Glasgow(?), Scotland, asks, “Hi Nick, I’ve followed you since watching Parks and Rec and was lucky enough to meet you on the Lagavulin advert, I was one of the hairy warriors. Do you...
  • Am I a jazz?
    16 Jun 2022 31 15
    Fiona, from Long Beach, California, asks, “You seem to have many similarities to Ron Swanson and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to become an actor! What made you want to start acting?” Fiona, th...
  • Donkey Heaven?
    12 Jun 2022 21 13
    Susan and Emily from New Jersey ask, “Do you believe in an afterlife? Why or why not?” Susan and Emily, mother and daughter, thank you for this question! It’s a doozy. My search for an answer first se...
  • Mediocri-tots
    09 Jun 2022 34 16
    Ryan Fowler, of the internet, asks, “Two questions related to the Wendell Berry documentary you helped produce, (Look & See): 1. That film came out just as I was discovering Berry, and is particularly...
  • Leisure Hat
    05 Jun 2022 58 21
    Happy Sunday, my swell Muleteers. If you’re living in a way that sees you running stop signs or shoving past people/cutting in lines, maybe realign some things. I did, and I got happier, so if happine...
  • Nature Boy
    02 Jun 2022 33 21
    Kelly Kincaid of Austin, Texas, asks, “Hello Nick, your videos have become a welcome addition to my Sunday evening wet-shaving ritual. As such, it begs the question, what is your preferred method of f...
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